CNHTC Truck Axles Parts Driven Gear (NO.AZ9761320016)

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Idler wheel refers to the gear clamped between two gears, and the two gears are engaged, its role is only to change the relationship between the rotation direction of the two gears before and after it, and does not change the transmission ratio, cannot change the position.The tensioning wheel appears in the belt drive or the chain drive, its function is the belt or the chain tension, reduces them in the motion process vibration and the energy loss, may change the position.Guide wheel, as the name suggests, mainly plays a guiding role. In the design of gear train, in order to meet the design requirements and requirements of shape and size, the direction of the belt is relatively complex, but to ensure that the idler wheel tensioning wheel and the pulley cover Angle design, it is necessary to realize the design requirements of the guide wheel with the design cover Angle.



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