CNHTC Truck Axles Parts Return Spring (NO.AZ9100340012)

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Product Details

Brake shoe return spring, composed of two springs and a connecting rod, at both ends of the pier thick connecting rod is located between the two springs, the two ends of the connecting rod are hung in the spring. The brake shoe return spring USES the tension of the spring to make the brake shoe return to the original position quickly after working to ensure continuous braking effect. It is a hook type stretch spring produced by cold winding spring steel wire.When the brake shoe return spring is in use, the two ends of the spring are hung on the spring pin of the brake shoe. When braking, with the rotation of the CAM, the brake shoe is stretched and the spring is straightened. After the brake stops, the spring USES its own elasticity to make the brake shoe return to position. The utility model effectively overcomes the technical defects of the original brake shoe return spring, avoids the problem that the spring is prone to fracture at the bending and linear transition, and has the characteristics of reasonable design, easy manufacture and good use effect

CNHTC Truck Axles Parts Return Spring (NO.AZ9100340012)

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