Truck Axle Parts Adjusting Nut (NO.WG9981320163)

SINOTRUK Truck Axle Parts Adjusting Nut (NO.WG9981320163) 1.Description: (1) GENUINE ORIGINAL QUALITY (2) GOOD AFTER-SALES SERVICE (3) PROFESSIONAL AND STABLE PARTS SUPPLY (4) DELIVERY WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER CONFIRM DETAILS 2. Our Advantages (1)Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality...

Product Details

SINOTRUK Truck Axle Parts Adjusting Nut (NO.WG9981320163).The adjustment of the balance nut is to adjust the balance of the beam, which is made by using the principle of lever.Adjust the balance nut over the side of the arm is very long, can use a very small force to leverage the balance of the balance, easy to control.Adjust the pretightening force of the spring, or adjust the stroke of the valve, or adjust the displacement of a part.Before using the balance formally, it is necessary to balance the balance so that there is no error in use. So adjust the balance by balancing the nuts. If the balance starts from left high to low, it indicates that the left side is lighter and the right side is heavier. At this time, the balance nut should be turned to the left (to put it plainly, it is equivalent to adding weight to the left); if the balance is left low and right, it is left Emphasis, at this time, we must adjust the balance nut to the right (this is equivalent to adding weight to the right). Which side is higher, which side is.

2. Our Advantages

(1)Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality

(2)More than 20 years' experience as a manufacturer

(3)Products Quality Certification SGS CCC ISO

(4)Perfect after-sale service

(5)Customized products available with us

(6)Export to more than 90 countries and regions

3. FAQ:

(1) Warranty

Q:  There are so many suppliers from China, how to identify the quality?

A:  All parts that we sell enjoy 3 to 12 months warranty; if any parts breaks during warranty, just offer us the proof. We'll resend you new one!

(2) Claim

Q:  What if parts we order from you are lost during delivery?

A:  We'll resend the parts!

(3) Price

Q:  Why your price is so high?

A:  You get what you pay for.

There is no winfall profits at all in the open market. We just insist reasonable profits.

We offer genuine parts and replacement parts as your request.

(4)Lead time

Q:  How many days it takes before you deliver the goods to us?

A:  We have most easily-damaged parts in stock, for small goods, we could deliver you the goods after order confirmation and receiving the payment; for large quantity, we need 1 or 2 more days to order wooden box or pallet, 2-3 days to book flight/vessel and deliver the goods to named port/airport.

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5. Warehouse:

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We are one of the leading and professional manufacturers in China with wide experience and expertise. Please rest assured to get our truck axle parts adjusting nut (no.wg9981320163) for sale. For more info, contact us now.


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