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The wheel hub, also known as the rim and the cymbal, is a barrel-shaped metal part that is mounted on the shaft at the center of the tire. When we refer to eheel hub,it also refers to all parts of the wheel except the tire, including rims, spokes, and accessory trims. 

Here are two tips before you choose wheel hub. 

  1. The hub is not bigger, the better. The size of the tires and wheels will directly affect the performance of the car. When the outer diameter of the tire is constant, the large hub means that the tire with a high flat ratio is to be replaced. Although it makes the feeling of cornering lighter, it will greatly reduce the shock absorption performance and greatly reduce the comfort.

  2. The shape of the hub also affects performance. Please don't think just look at the shape of the wheel hub, since it is a grerat knowledge to choose the rim . Although the lines look good, performance is more important. When the shape of the hub is concentrated in the center of the rim, the inertia generated by the rotation of the wheel is small; if the weight of the hub is concentrated on the outside of the rim, the inertia generated will be greater and the energy consumption will be more.

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