Trucks Solenoid Valve (NO.WG9100710008)(NO.WG9718710001)(NO.WG9719710004)

Howo truck parts Speaker solenoid valve 1. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 1) SINOTRUCK HOWO Truck parts magnetic valve WG9100710008 2) HOWO TRUCK PARTS magnetic valve WG9100710008 NO.WG9100710008 NO.WG9718710001 NO.WG9719710004

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How to clean the wipers properly: we should check whether there is any stain on the wipers.We should use ordinary clean water to clean the rain and scrape the water, in the flush of the same direction to wipe off the stains on the water.Never use a water cannon to spray on the rain, and don't use detergent to make the rubber aging cleaner.Parking in the open parking lot under the hot sun should be put up: the vehicle is parked in the hot sun, the windscreen temperature is very high, can reach 50-60 degrees Celsius.The windshield wipers that have been glued to the windshield will be accelerated by high temperatures.Therefore, when the vehicle is parked in the outdoor parking lot, we should put up the rain, avoid the contact with the hot glass, and extend the service life of the rain.Please add rain cleaning agent: there are many kinds of rain cleaning agents on the market, which provide lubrication and cleaning function when the water is scraping.This cleanser does not speed up the rubber aging of the rubber strip, and can improve the wiper effect of the rain.The cleaning agent can only be added to the water bottle when adding the rain water.Use special car cleanser: general household laundry soap or detergent can contain ammonia or chlorine, which can cause the rubber to accelerate aging.Don't try to be cheap when you wash your car. Instead, use a regular cleaner to protect the car's rain and other rubber parts.How to choose the appropriate rain scraping tape: choose the appropriate rain scraping tape to pay attention to two aspects: the first is the length of the rain;The second is the type of the rain scratcher.The size of the product is indicated on the outside package of the general brand.There are even some manufacturers who print the scale directly on the outer packing of the wiper products to make it easier for consumers to measure the length of the rain.Before buying the rain, we should measure the length of the original car, so that when we buy, we will be safe.The rain-scraping clasp is a kind of mechanism that is used to scrape the rain off the roof of a vehicle.There are many kinds of rain-scraping clasps.What is more common on the market is the "U" type clasp that this article will introduce.Only if you use the same clasp, the rain can be exchanged.So before we buy the rain, we need to know what kind of clasp we use for the rain we use.The rain is changing the whole strategy: let's demonstrate how to change the rain of the vehicle.Whether it is demolition or installation of rain, we need to prepare a thicker cloth.

After the rain and the rain, we need to put the cloth between the windshield and the rain scraper, to prevent the mounting of the rain-scraping support to break the windshield.The removal process is shown in the figure above.First of all, let loose the rain on the lock of the lock;Then, push down the rain, loosen the "U" hook of the wiper support;Finally, you can remove the rain and scrape it.

Howo truck parts Speaker solenoid valve 


1)  SINOTRUCK HOWO Truck parts magnetic valve WG9100710008

2)  HOWO TRUCK PARTS magnetic valve WG9100710008


   magnetic valve

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Shandong China (Mainland)

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