Original SINOTRUK HOWO Parts,Clutch Plate AZ9725161000

We are mainly engaged in part of China brand truck and Japan and Korea brand construction machinery,we supplied many different kinds of truck parts (Clutch Parts, Engine Parts, Gearbox Parts, Chassis Parts, Brake System, Drive System, Steering System,etc) ,  OEM and original and Copy part are available

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There are friction plates on the clutch pressure plate, just like the brake plates on the wheels, which are made of asbestos and copper wire which are very wear-resistant. The friction plates on the clutch pressure plate also have the minimum allowable thickness. After a long driving distance, the friction plates on the pressure plate should be replaced. The original friction disc replacement is able to buy their own replacement spare parts, now is to buy the pressure plate has been installed friction disc assembly, do not need to change their own friction disc, directly change the clutch pressure plate is ok. In order to reduce the loss of clutch plate, so there is the correct way to use the clutch pedal. Just don't press the clutch pedal half way. In this way, the clutch plate is in a semi-clutch state, that is to say, the frisbee and pressure plate in the state of friction. If the clutch pedal is fully pressed, the flywheel and clutch disc are completely cut open, with no friction between them. If the clutch pedal is fully lifted, the flywheel and clutch disc are fully coupled, and while there is some friction, there is almost no friction. So you can't get the clutch pedal

halfway down

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