Truck Clutch Brake Control Valve (NO.WG9719230011)

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Medium-duty car next long slope conditions such as frequent use can make the main brake braking system of the heat load is very large and the braking system can't timely releasing heat to the surrounding environment makes the temperature of the brake drum and brake shoe wear too much faster, so that the main brake lose part or all of the braking efficiency, this will seriously affect the main brake system of continuous braking performance, which affects the braking safety.With auxiliary braking device can reduce the main brake system using frequency, reduce the brake temperature is too high, because of the continuous use brake efficiency drops, wear and so on a series of serious problems.Therefore, the application of auxiliary brake device is more and more extensive.Auxiliary brake equipment mainly includes: the engine brake, exhaust brake valve, and hydraulic retarder, the eddy current retarder and the exhaust brake valve as a kind of auxiliary braking device of the most valuable in application are widely used on cars and buses.

SINOTRUK Truck Clutch Brake Control Valve (NO.WG9719230011)

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