China Heavy Truck Rear Alternator VG1246090005

We are mainly engaged in part of China brand truck and Japan and Korea brand construction machinery,(Clutch Parts, Engine Parts, Gearbox Parts, Chassis Parts, Brake System, Drive System, Steering System,etc), OEM and original and Copy part are available. The detailed information of this product...

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China Heavy Truck spare parts rear Alternator. 

Abnormal sound of generator: reduce the use of electrical appliances when driving at low speed. In case of generator bearing sounding at high speed, the solution at this time is to immediately take off the throttle and swing to the repair department at the lowest speed possible. At the same time, there is a way to extend the journey, which is to turn off those less important electrical appliances, such as CD and cooking tools. Although the generator can generate electricity normally, the coil magnetic field of the generator should be strengthened a little bit for every watt of electricity you use, and the resistance of this magnetic field should be applied to the bearing, which will bear more load

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