Sinotruk Engine Crankshaft (NO.161560020029)

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Product Details

The crankshaft is the most important part of the engine.It takes the force from the connecting rod and converts it to torque through the crankshaft output and drives the other accessories on the engine.The crankshaft is affected by the centrifugal force of the rotating mass, the gas inertial force and the reciprocating inertia force, which makes the crankshaft bear the effect of bending torsion load.Therefore, the crankshaft has sufficient strength and stiffness, and the surface of the shaft should be wear-resistant, uniform and symmetrical.The crankshaft is used for engine parts, and it is one of the most important truck part on the engine. If there is any problem with the crankshaft, you need to change it immediately. Please check below for crankshaft pictures and information, we can provide you with all kinds of truck parts. So if you need it, please contact me.

Sinotruk Engine Crankshaft (NO.161560020029)

Truck Model

Shacman, FAW, Foton, etc.

Engine Model

Weichai Engine

Part Name

Engine Oil Pump

Engine Type

WEICHAI ENGINE: WD615, WD618, WD10,WD12,WP10,WP12,TD226B



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