CNHTC HOWO Truck Engine Parts Piston Pin (NO.VG1560030013)

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Car have no oil response 1, using a mobile phone or GPS to find the nearest gas station, after a parked car can use of equipment to find you the most near the gas station, can be a cell phone, GPS, portable GPS, original, if you feel distance within 150 meters can consider to cart, if within 600 meters can consider to walk past, more than 600 meters. Then suggest taking a taxi, please.2. No bottle can hold oil!Containers such as plastic, glass can't direct injection gasoline, because it cannot lead electrostatic, is likely to cause oil burning, when oil so need to borrow or buy the regular gas station of conductive metal barrels or pot, sells for about 100 yuan (10 l cans).If you are in the wilderness, call for help.The 4S shop has a road rescue service for its customers, and of course if you have other rescue companies, you can choose other rescue companies.The general domestic market is to charge 150~200 yuan for the rescue, the cost of refueling isanother calculation.What should I do when there is no oil? 1.After flameout engine rotational inertia to maintain all by cars, if hang into the space, the engine will stop completely, the car's brakes and direction of power system are complete failure, and high speed is a very dangerous situation.At the same time, when the car is about to run out of oil, it is not necessary to drive quickly to avoid the danger of sudden extinction.2. Remember that you can't force the car to stop when the car has no oil. The speed of the car is falling fast. It is the busy road that cannot be forced to pull over the line. This is very dangerous.3. When pushing the trolley, remember that the speed is too fast. Since the steering wheel helps the system to be out of work, it is difficult to control the direction of the single hand, and the speed is more difficult to control.At the same time, the brake booster system is also not working, so it is necessary to stop the brake when the speed is too fast.

 All parts that we sell enjoy 3 to 12 months warranty; if any parts breaks during warranty, just offer us the proof. We'll resend you new one!Products Quality Certification SGS CCC ISO


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