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Is there any harm in using the handbrake frequently (100%)?1. It will shorten the life of hand brake cable.The handbrake line looks like a solid steel cable, while the inside of the cable is made of nylon and the nylon material is the key.If long-term hand brake (100% handbrake strength), the death of the nylon material will gradually lose elasticity, eventually lose effect, this time will appear brake drum brake friction produce different rings, of course, this is beyond question.2. Long - term high - strength use of the hand brake will cause the rear wheel to lose its effect.The handbrake has its own independent brake mechanism, and the brake shoe is automatically returned by the return spring when not using the hand brake.If the hand brake is used 100% of the time, the return spring will be in high tensile strength, which will cause the return spring to lose its return.Conclusion: through the round we can calculate the number of 70% of different car hand brake dynamics, through 15 degrees slope Angle can test out 70% of the strength is enough to make car fixed, prevent slide effect.Frequent use of 70% handbrake can effectively prolong the life of the handbrake cable and the cycle of return spring.

CNHTC parts spring bottom VG14050017











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