SINO Truck Radiator Outlet Pipe (NO.WG9719530227)

SINO Truck Radiator Outlet Pipe (NO.WG9719530227) 1. Description: (1) GENUINE ORIGINAL QUALITY (2) GOOD AFTER-SALES SERVICE (3) PROFESSIONAL AND STABLE PARTS SUPPLY (4) DELIVERY WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER CONFIRM DETAILS 2. Our Advantages (1)Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality (2)More than...

Product Details

SINO Truck Radiator Outlet Pipe (NO.WG9719530227) work :1. Small cycle: When the engine water temperature is lower than 76°C, the thermostat main valve is closed, the bypass valve is opened, and the cooling water passage from the cylinder head to the radiator is cut off. The cooling water flows out of the cylinder head water jacket, passes through the thermostat bypass valve, bypass pipe into the pump, and is pumped into the cylinder block water jacket. Since the cooling water is not dissipated by the radiator, the engine temperature can be rapidly increased. This cycle is called a small cycle.2. Large cycle: When the engine water temperature is higher than 86°C, the thermostat main valve opens and the bypass valve closes. The cooling water is completely discharged from the main valve into the radiator, the water temperature is rapidly reduced, and then sent to the cylinder block water jacket by the water pump. This cycle is called a big loop.3. Mixing cycle: When the water temperature is between 76~86°C, the main valve of the thermostat and the bypass valve are all partially opened. At this time, large and small cycles exist. Only part of the cooling water is dissipated through the radiator. Second, the wax thermostat working principle Paraffin at room temperature is solid, the water temperature is lower than 349K (76 °C), the main valve is completely closed, the bypass valve is fully open, the water from the cylinder head directly into the pump through the bypass pipe, It is called a small loop. Since water only flows between the water pump and the water jacket, it does not pass through the radiator, and the flow rate is small, so the cooling intensity is weak.When the engine water temperature reaches 349K (76°C) or more, the paraffin wax gradually becomes a liquid and the volume increases, forcing the rubber tube to contract, thereby exerting an upward thrust on the lower cone surface of the center rod. Because the upper end of the rod is fixed, the center rod generates a downward reverse thrust on the rubber tube and the induction body, overcomes the spring tension and causes the main valve to gradually open, and the opening degree of the bypass valve gradually decreases.

Our main products :Full line original spare parts for the Chinese trucks with the brands of Howo, Hania (CNHTC),Fonton, Shaanxi, Dongfeng, Faw, etc. Engineering mechanical fittings such as  idlers, sprockets, teeth, bolts and nuts, pins, etc.



2. Our Advantages
(1)Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality
(2)More than 20 years' experience as a manufacturer
(3)Products Quality Certification SGS CCC ISO
(4)Perfect after-sale service
(5)Customized products available with us
(6)Export to more than 90 countries and regions

3. FAQ:

(1) Warranty

Q:  There are so many suppliers from China, how to identify the quality?

A:  All parts that we sell enjoy 3 to 12 months warranty; if any parts breaks during warranty, just offer us the proof. We'll resend you new one!

(2) Claim

Q:  What if parts we order from you are lost during delivery?

A:  We'll resend the parts!

(3) Price

Q:  Why your price is so high?

A:  You get what you pay for.

There is no winfall profits at all in the open market. We just insist reasonable profits.

We offer genuine parts and replacement parts as your request.

(4)Lead time

Q:  How many days it takes before you deliver the goods to us?

A:  We have most easily-damaged parts in stock, for small goods, we could deliver you the goods after order confirmation and receiving the payment; for large quantity, we need 1 or 2 more days to order wooden box or pallet, 2-3 days to book flight/vessel and deliver the goods to named port/airport.


4. Friendly Tips: 
If you find our tapes interested, please fill the below blank space your detailed requirements. CNHTC’s team would offer different solutions to you within 12 hours. Free parts samples are also available.



5. Our company:


Contact person:


We are one of the leading and professional manufacturers in China with wide experience and expertise. Please rest assured to get our sino truck radiator outlet pipe (no.wg9719530227) for sale. For more info, contact us now.


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