SINO Truck Upper Main Bearing Shell (NO.VG1540010021)

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Product Details

Bearing shell is part of the sliding bearing and shaft contact, very smooth, usually made from bronze, anti-friction alloy wear-resistant materials such as, under special circumstances, can be made of wood, plastic or rubber.Also called "bush", shape in tegular cylinder.
Sliding bearing, bearing bush between the rotor and requires a very thin layer of oil film lubrication.If due to bad lubrication, there is a direct friction between bearing and shaft, the friction will produce high temperature, while the bearing bush is due to the special high temperature resistant alloy materials, but direct contact between the heat still enough to burn them.Bush also may be due to overload, high temperature, lubricating oil impurities or abnormal factors such as viscosity tile burning.Tile burning after sliding bearing is damaged.

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