SINOTRUCK Engine Parts Air Compressor Water Pipe Connector (VG2600130026)

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Introduction and difference between water cooled air compressor and air-cooled air compressor

Air cooling air compressor is usually equipped with air inlet. Its principle is to introduce cold air from outside into the cooling air of the machine. The air-cooled air compressor is intuitively seen, that is, it has many fins to dissipate heat and is blown by fans.
The water cooled air compressor needs cooling equipment shell to cool by water. It can use tap water, desalted water, industrial water and so on.
The air-cooled air compressor is more convenient, but the cooling effect is slightly worse than that of the water cooled air compressor.
The cost of water-cooled air compressors is relatively higher, but the cooling effect is excellent. Therefore, in order to save water, the general water-cooled air compressor will adopt the way of circulating cooling.
Air cooling air compressor is relatively easy to install.
A water cooling air compressor needs to be equipped with a cooling tower or other cold water sources.
Air cooled air compressors are less maintained, and the maintenance of air-cooled water compressors is more troublesome.

This Air Compressor Water Pipe Connector  part number is VG2600130026




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