SINOTRUCK EURO 3 Engine Parts High-pressure Fuel Pump (NO.VG2600081161)

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Specific role of high pressure oil pump. Improve the high pressure jet fuel pressure to achieve the best effect of atomization, high pressure oil pump is primarily used as jack, heading machine, extrusion machine, embroider machine hydraulic equipment such as power supply.The installation sequence of the high pressure oil pump is as follows: in the process of installing the high-pressure oil pump, all holes of the unit should be covered in order to prevent debris from falling into the machine.The unit is placed on the base of the embedded anchor bolt and used as a pair of wedge for correction.Calibrate the concentricity of pump shaft and motor shaft, and allow deviation of 0.1 mm on the outer circle of the main shaft.The clearance between the two couplings should be guaranteed to be 2 ~ 4mm, and the clearance should be even, and the tolerance is 0.3mm.After connecting the pipeline and determining the rotation direction of the motor, attach the coupling and check the alignment of the shaft.After the actual test run of the unit for 2 ~ 3 hours, the final inspection is made. If there is no undesirable phenomenon, it is considered that the installation is qualified.In the related process monitor the temperature and vibration of the bearing is as follows: loose coupling is large, with a level on pump shaft and the base of the electric pump, by adjusting the wedge cushion, correction unit level, tighten the anchor bolts, in case of walking.In order to prevent the debris from entering the pump, the newly installed pipeline shall be equipped with a filter for the pump rubber, and its effective section shall be greater than 2 ~ 3 times of the suction pipe section.


SINOTRUCK EURO 3 Engine Parts High-pressure Fuel Pump VG2600081161


fuel injector pump


fuel injector pump

Truck model




OEM number



12 monthes

Item Name

fuel injector pump



Place of origin

shandong provice, china


1 Piece

Brand name



OEM original

Adaptable automobile mode:



TT, western union, L/C, paypal, etc.




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