SINOTRUCK HOWO Trucks EURO 2 Engine Parts Oil-Gas Separator (NO.VG1500019045A)(NO.VG2600010267)

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Product Details

The use of Oil-Gas Separator

1. Force to the valve chamber, crankcase pressure relief! This is the most important role!
How to seal the piston ring again, it also has gaps. Besides, it has its own interface. Although the interface between the two seals and one oil ring is stagger, it will not block the strong pressure of the mixture explosion in the cylinder, and there will still be part of the high-pressure waste gas running into the crankcase. Therefore, the current car and car have a crankcase ventilation system.
2. Purification of exhaust gas
Above said that oil and gas separator gas cycle is done: the high temperature exhaust gas, cover came from the valve chamber from the air filter in the upper face (relative to gas) after low temperature air filtration collided, oil vapor in exhaust gas and cold, condensed oil droplets fall from the lower part of the oil and gas separator through the air the lower filter tube is discharged out of the vehicle, to ensure that the two input engine exhaust there is no oil.
3. Control pollution and oil saving
The fuel gas separator makes the combustion of the crankcase exhaust gas separated from the engine oil after the oil is still existing two time into the engine, which is the fuel itself.


油气分离器(HW欧Ⅱ) VG1500019045A-1.jpg

重汽WD615油气分离器 VG2600010267 (5).jpg

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