truck Engine Parts 1000W Alternator (NO.VG1500098058)

1.Description: (1) GENUINE ORIGINAL QUALITY (2) GOOD AFTER-SALES SERVICE (3)PROFESSIONAL AND STABLE PARTS SUPPLY (4) DELIVERY WITHIN 7DAYS AFTER CONFIRM DETAILS 2 . Feature : (1)HOWO spare parts (2)specially designed for HOWO series (3)good quality steel material (4)Perfect Packaging: neat and...

Product Details

Truck Engine Parts 1000W Alternator (NO.VG1500098058) is the main power source of a truck. Its function is to supply power to all powered devices (except the starter) while the engine is running normally (idle speed), and to charge the battery at the same time.In the ordinary alternator three-phase winding set on the basis of increasing the number of windings and leads to the wiring terminal, add a set of three-phase bridge rectifier. Low speed by the original winding and windings in series output, and at higher speeds, only by the original three-phase winding output.Work in high-speed low-speed power supply circuit conversion is automatic, without any additional mechanical and electrical control device, its working principle is analyzed as follows:In the low speed range, due to the low speed of the generator, the series output of the three-phase windings improves the output voltage of the generator and greatly improves the low-speed charging performance of the generator. In the high-speed range, as the generator speed increases, the inductive reactance of the three-phase windings in series increases, the internal voltage drop increases, and the armature reaction strengthens, causing the output voltage to drop. At this time the original three-phase windings A, B, C due to smaller internal pressure drop, the resulting induction current is relatively large, to ensure high-speed power output.High-speed bearing technology: electric spindle is usually a composite ceramic bearing, wear-resistant and heat-resistant, life expectancy is several times that of conventional bearings; sometimes also used electromagnetic suspension bearings or hydrostatic bearings, inner and outer rings do not contact, in theory, unlimited life;High-speed motor technology: The motor spindle is the product of the motor and the spindle. The rotor of the motor is the rotating part of the spindle. In theory, the spindle can be regarded as a high-speed motor. The key technology is dynamic balance at high speeds;Lubrication: The lubrication of electric spindles is generally based on fixed-quantity oil-air lubrication. Grease lubrication can also be used, but the corresponding speed must be discounted. The so-called timing is to note oil at regular intervals. The so-called quantitative, through a device called the valve, precisely control the amount of oil each time. Oil-air lubrication refers to the fact that lubricating oil is blown into ceramic bearings under the pressure air. The amount of fuel is very important, too little to achieve lubrication; too much, when the bearing rotates at high speed, it will generate heat due to oil resistance. Cooling device: In order to dissipate heat from the electric spindle running at a high speed as quickly as possible, circulation coolant is usually applied to the outer wall of the electric spindle, and the function of the cooling device is to maintain the coolant temperature.



2. Feature :
(1)HOWO spare parts
(2)specially designed for HOWO series
(3)good quality steel material
(4)Perfect Packaging: neat and standard box(also can be according to customer's requirements )
(5)shortest delivery time: within 7 days after receiving your payment ,and the exact delivery depends on the quantity of the products .
(6)A variety of brand
(7)Original place :Shandong, China (Mainland )
3.Our Advantages


Long standing reputation in this field


Specialization is standard and accurate meet your requirement


OEM quality standard guaranteed


Product upgrading and expansion of species


Good quality with competitive prices.


Flexible and convenient logistic service.


Excellent and high-quality control


Long lasting working life time.


Sufficient storage

Q: There are so many suppliers from China, how to identify the quality?
A: All parts that we sell enjoy 3 to 12 months warranty; if any parts breaks during warranty, just offer us the proof. We'll resend you new one!


Q: What if parts we order from you are lost during delivery?
A: We'll resend the parts!
Q: Why your price is so high?
A: You get what you pay for.
There is no winfall profits at all in the open market. We just insist reasonable profits.
We offer genuine parts and replacement parts as your request.
(4)Lead time
Q: How many days it takes before you deliver the goods to us?
A: We have most easily-damaged parts in stock, for small goods, we could deliver you the goods after order confirmation and receiving the payment; for large quantity, we need 1 or 2 more days to order wooden box or pallet, 2-3 days to book flight/vessel and deliver the goods to named port/airport.

5. Payment terms:


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We are one of the leading and professional manufacturers in China with wide experience and expertise. Please rest assured to get our truck Engine Parts 1000W Alternator (NO.VG1500098058) for sale. For more info, contact us now.

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