Sinotruk HOWO Truck Engine Spare Parts Starter(VG1560090007) (NO.VG1560090001)(NO.VG2600090210)

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Product Details

Starter is also called the motor, which is powered by direct current motor, which is transmitted by the starting gear to the flywheel ring, which drives the flywheel and crankshaft to start the engine.It is well known that the engine starts with external support, and the car starter is playing the role.Generally speaking, the starter USES three parts to realize the whole starting process.The direct current motor induces the current from the accumulator and causes the driving gear of the starter to produce mechanical movement.The drive gear will drive the gear into the flywheel gear, and it can be removed automatically after the engine is started.The circuit breaker of the starter circuit is controlled by an electromagnetic switch.Among them, the motor is the main part of the starter.The engine must be rotated before it can operate with its own power.The engine starts by moving from a static state to a self - functioning process.The common starting mode of the engine is human starting, auxiliary gasoline engine starting and electric power starting three forms.Starting with the method of rope to pull or hand, human is simple but not convenient, and the intensity of labor is big, applies only to a few small power engine, on some cars is merely a backup way kept;Auxiliary gasoline engines are mainly used in high-power diesel engines;The power starting mode is easy to operate, it starts quickly, has repetitive starting ability, and can be controlled remotely, so it is widely adopted by modern automobiles.Starter maintenance: in the process of starting the engine, the starter motor from the introduction of 300 ~ 400 Ah battery power, so in order to prevent battery flow or damaged occurred, starting time should not exceed 5 s;In winter, the phenomenon of starting difficulty is easy to occur. The starting time should not be too long, and the proper interval should be left in each start.

Fault check of starter: 

1. The battery has no power or weak power, so the engine can't turn or rotate slowly.

2. Loose or off the starting point, switch or adsorption switch becomes invalid.

3. The brush wear or brush surface is not positive, the spring is weak, so that the rectifier contact is not good.

4. Field coil or armature coil short circuit and circuit breaker.

5. The rectifier is defaced, and the mica sheet bulges out, causing the brush to contact with the rectifier.

Discription of Starter

Oem no.

VG1560090007, VG1560090001, VG2600090210


Weichai WD615/WD618 Engines, Shaanxi, Oman,Beiben heavy duty truck

After Service

(1) All products have to pass strict inspection before shipment
(2) Follow up the customers' feedback
(3) One year of the quality warranty


(1) Neutral packing
(2) Customer required packing
(3) Normal export packing

Delivery time

30-45 days


TT30% deposit and the balance before delivery







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