Truck parts Fuel Engine Cylinder Sleeve

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Product Details

Cylinder sleeve is a cylindrical part, placed in the body of the cylinder hole, by cylinder cover pressure fixed.

The piston reciprocates through its inner hole and is cooled by cooling water.The functions of cylinder sleeve include:1.Together with cylinder head and piston form the working space of cylinder.2.The cylinder sleeve of a cylindrical piston diesel engine bears the thrust from the side of the piston and becomes the guide for reciprocating movement of the piston.3.Transfer the heat of the piston assembly and the piston itself to the cooling water so that the working temperature is appropriate.4.The cylinder sleeve of a two-stroke diesel engine is arranged with an air port, which is opened and closed by the piston to realize gas distribution.


SINOTRUK Fuel Engine Cylinder Sleeve, the part number :(NO.VG1500010344)(NO.VG1540010006)

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