HOWO Truck Engine Inlet Valve Spring Seat (NO.VG14050017) Exhaust Valve Spring Seat(NO.VG1500040014)

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How many kinds of connections are there for the valve spring seat?

One end of the valve spring is supported on the cylinder head, while the other end is pressed against the spring seat at the end of the valve rod, the shape of the valve rod end is determined by the way in which the valve spring seat is connected. There are two types of connection for the valve spring seat: the latch type and the lock pin type. But in either connection, the function is to connect the valve spring seat to the valve. The latch is to split a complete hollow cone into two parts. The inner hole has an annular protuberance, and the central hole of the spring seat is a conical one. In close cooperation with the outer circular cone of the locking plate, the locking plate connection is divided into two types: clamping type and non-clamping type. When the non-clamped connection is adopted, the two parts of the lock in the installation state support each other. This allows a gap between the latch and the valve rod to allow the valve to rotate, a rotation that facilitates the valve movement and the valve seat cleaning of the lock pin. The method of fixing the lock pin is relatively simple. After pressing the spring seat together with the spring, Insert the lock pin into the radial hole at the rear of the valve rod. After loosening the spring seat, the lock pin is located in the hole on the outer side of the spring seat, preventing the spring seat from escaping.





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