HOWO Truck Engine Parts Piston Ring Set (NO.VG1560030040)(NO. VG1540030005)(NO.1560030050)

1.Description: (1) GENUINE ORIGINAL QUALITY (2) GOOD AFTER-SALES SERVICE (3)PROFESSIONAL AND STABLE PARTS SUPPLY (4) DELIVERY WITHIN 7DAYS AFTER CONFIRM DETAILS NO.VG1560030040 NO.VG1540030005 NO.1560030050 2. Our Advantages (1)Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality (2)More than 20...

Product Details

The Engine Parts Piston Ring Set is used to embed metal rings inside the piston groove, the piston ring is divided into two types: compression ring and oil ring. Compression ring can be used to seal the combustion chamber combustible gas mixture; oil ring is used to scrape the excess oil cylinder. Piston ring is the core of the internal combustion engine, which, together with the cylinder, piston, cylinder wall, etc. to complete the seal of the fuel gas. And the Piston Ring Set part number are VG1560030040, VG1540030005 and 1560030050, you can choose the Piston Ring you want to buy.

HOWO Truck Engine Parts Piston Ring Set (NO.VG1560030040)(NO. VG1540030005)(NO.1560030050)









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