WD615.87 Engine Connecting Rod Upper Bearing Shell (NO.VG1560030034) and Lower Bearing Shell(NO.VG1560030033)

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Product Details

Connecting rod bearing shell is including upper bearing shell and lower bearing shell, installed in the connection position of the connecting rod and crankshaft, function is wear-resisting, connection, support and drive. there are oil groove on internal cylinder of connecting rod bearing shell , central angle of the oil groove corresponding to the stated central angl is 80 ~ 120 °, the ministry of oil tank of the connecting rod walls set oil hole. through the connecting rod set on tank with reasonable arc length, thus ensuring the in engine working process, the oil can supply oil to the piston in the most appropriate time and period, guarantee the piston cooling good, avoid the damage of cylinder wear;at the same time, the reasonable groove arc length can guarantee the best oil supply, can guarantee the reliable cooling, also can avoid a waste of engine oil and oil too much negative effects on the engine work;what's more, connecting rod set on the positioning of the bulge, the connecting rod to the location of the assembly in a reasonable, to make the connecting rod tank parts to avoid heavy load bearing area, ensure less wear of connecting rod during working.





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