CNHTC Rubber Support Splint (NO.AZ9725520266)

CNHTC Rubber Support Splint (NO.AZ9725520266) 1. Truck Original Spare Parts Rear Spring Plate for Sinotruk HOWO AZ9725520266 2. Detailed Photo 3.Truck, Trailer and Bus Parts 4.Vehicles we can offered

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CNHTC Rubber Support Splint (NO.AZ9725520266)

Truck Original Spare Parts Rear Spring Plate for Sinotruk HOWO AZ9725520266

Product Name

Rear Spring Plate

Part No.



Original Color


Sinotruk Howo Steyr




CE, ISO9001




6 Month

Trade Term




Payment Term

T/T 50% in advance, rest before shipping


1 Piece

橡胶支座夹板(HW) AZ9725520266.jpg



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