CNHTC Heavy Duty Truck Shift Rod(NO.WG9130240200)

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CNHTC Heavy Duty Truck Shift Rod(NO.WG9130240200)Why are there so many files in the heavy duty truck?Dynamic natureSince it is possible to strengthen the power, let's see how these more than a dozen files have been strengthened. Most of the heavy trucks are diesel engines, and the diesel engine has a much smaller working speed range than the gasoline engine, which is about 1000~2500 rpm. In order to perform maximum torque and efficiency within the speed range of 0~120 km / h, more gear is required to be configured than the gasoline engine.Generally, there are more than Cara's goods, and the more the gear is used, the more effective it is to the power of the engine! In addition, in the encounter with different road conditions, you can also use more gear to adapt, so as to achieve the best matching of driving speed and output power.Motionless on a dozen heavy truck why so many stalls ZF gearbox TraxonRiding a motorized tricycle friends all know is generally four to five stalls, usually no load or light can pull things, if you want to pull the heavy work or run road can also narrow the heavy work encountered uphill or start power not enough to do, then use a low gear, so it becomes ten stalls. However, only high low gear. Truck is also divided into high and low speed gear, heavy card in light load or good road conditions, use high speed gear, oil saving fast running; conversely use low speed gear, drive vigorously.For example, there are five steps from the first floor to the two floor. Is it a very difficult time for you to go up to the two floor if you have a hard to focus on the steps? But if you turn the five steps into 16 steps, it's a lot easier.Economy,Do not move on more than a dozen heavy cards for so many filesFAW CA12TAX230M3 (all aluminum shell)More than one feature of the gear is to fuel economy, allowing vehicles to travel at different speeds in the engine's economic speed range. When the heavy card starts / accelerates the need, the torque can be more economical, and the speed of the engine can be reduced by the gear shift.For example, when the 2 gear detonation to 2000 rpm, hang down to three, the speed below 1000 revolutions, naturally the acceleration of weakness, but this boring work, naturally high fuel consumption.Do not move on more than a dozen heavy cards for so many files

Tianlong Fashite gear box 12And if the heavy card runs the mountain road, the number of files will also be more oil saving. For example, in the long ramp, third engine power waste a lot, put on four stall engine power is not enough. There is a lot of this problem in the five speed gearbox, which accelerates excessive fuel oil and feels that the car is not smooth, so the freight car adds more gear to change the defect.Again, more gear can also lower the speed of the design of the lower, high-speed design of the run faster, pull the same economic benefits are obviously most. Now the light card also has a lot of six - box eight - gear box.Shifting and smoothing,Do not move on more than a dozen heavy cards for so many filesFast K7 12 Speed Gearbox,The car stalls, each stall speed smaller than the difference, will shift more smoothly, and can be chosen according to different speed and load, the weight of the appropriate gear. Moreover, the diesel engine has low working speed and many gear positions, and it is also convenient to control. Stalls more gear more gear switch relatively more frequently, the sense of frustration is smaller, transmission is smooth.It is believed that a lot of people have rode a variable speed mountain bike, and the more variable gear will be, the more gears that can be shifted naturally. The opposite gear less mountain bike, the large gap between the gear shift switch chain distance will increase, will naturally have a sense of frustration. The distance between the gear and the natural chain is much smaller than that of the natural chain.In a word, more than ten stalls of the heavy card have a positive effect on improving the power of the vehicle, the fuel economy and the smoothness of the gear shift. The location refinement can not only enable drivers to choose high speed operation according to road conditions and load conditions, but also reduce fuel consumption and bring more stable and safe driving experience.





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