Genuine Parts SINOTRUCK Fog Lamp Switch (NO.WG9719582002)(NO.WG9719582003)

Genuine Parts SINOTRUCK Fog Lamp Switch (NO.WG9719582002)(NO.WG9719582003) Description: Front Fog Lamp Switch WG9719582002 Rear Fog Lamp Switch WG971958200 3 2. Our Advantages (1)Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality (2)More than 20 years' experience as a manufacturer (3)Products...

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What's the difference between fog and near-light?Why not use fog lamps as a daily light?Let's look at the comparison diagram below.These two pictures were taken on a foggy night, and we can see the difference between fog lamps and near-light.The difference between the fog lamp and the near light is the Angle of irradiation, brightness, the penetration of the light source, etc. In these aspects, the fog lamp is better than the near light.The effect of the near light is to illuminate the range of a certain distance in front of the car, its irradiation Angle is lower than the horizontal line, and the light bulb has little power, so it does not interfere with the driver of other vehicles.However, in the foggy days, the light of the low light is very difficult, and it is necessary to rely on fog lamps to make up for the lack of rain and fog.Therefore, fog lamps can only be used as emergency lighting tools in severe weather conditions, and cannot be used as daily floodlights.In order to make people's feelings more intuitive, I found a good night, using my car's car recorder, and took some pictures of the fog lamps.Let's take a look at how the fog lights in a high visibility environment:From the picture taken by the vehicle recorder, the brightness of the fog lamp is much higher than that of ordinary lamps, and it is more severe than video.If the driver's eyes are irradiated by fog lamps, it is easy to feel dizzy,

Genuine Parts SINOTRUCK Fog Lamp Switch (NO.WG9719582002)(NO.WG9719582003)

  1. Description:

Part Name

front fog lamp switch

Part NO.

WG9719582002, WG9719582002

Car Maker

sinotruk howo


1 piece

Packing Detail

Standard or according to customer's requirements

Payment Terms


Front Fog Lamp SwitchWG9719582002
Rear Fog Lamp SwitchWG9719582003





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