Trucks Lower-Left Bracket and Lower-Right Bracket for Front Suspension(NO.WG1642430010)(NO.WG1642430020)

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Product Details

Maintenance and maintenance of steel spring:1. The truck driver should pay more attention to the maintenance of the leaf spring, should undertake regular lubrication, prevent because of the shock absorber of inadequate lubrication failure.2. In the process of maintenance work should also pay attention to U-Bolt and center bolt fastening, prevent damaging of the leaf spring because of the bolt looseness.3. The number of leaf spring pecs is closely related to the quality of the vehicle's rated load, when the vehicles are often on overloaded or partial load conditions, will reduce the resistance to fatigue strength steel plate spring, to reduce the service life of leaf spring.4. In order to prolong the service life of leaf spring, should avoid driving too fast, especially in the rugged surface road, too fast will lead to the steel plate spring accelerated fatigue and damage.5. When driving to try to minimize the emergency brake, or you will make greater bending stress and tensile stress on the leaf spring;In addition to this, in turn, speed too fast, will increase the load of the lateral leaf spring, accelerate the damage of the leaf spring.

The bracket  is for front Suspension which is used in truck,and our product has very good quality,All parts that we sell enjoy 3 to 12 months warranty; if any parts breaks during warranty, just offer us the proof. We'll resend you new one!Welcome your inquiry! 




We are one of the leading and professional manufacturers in China with wide experience and expertise. Please rest assured to get our trucks lower-left bracket and lower-right bracket for front suspension(no.wg1642430010)(no.wg1642430020) for sale. For more info, contact us now.


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