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Road roller is also called soil compactor, which is a kind of road repairing equipment. Road rollers belong to the category of road equipment in construction machinery, and are widely used in the filling and compaction of large-scale engineering projects such as high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, stadiums, etc., and can compact sandy, semi-viscous and cohesive soil, Subgrade stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement layer. The roller uses the gravity of the machine itself to apply to various compaction operations, which will cause the laminated layer to be permanently deformed and compacted.

Product Details

The road rollers are divided into steel wheels and tires.

steel wheels ROLLERS

A tire roller is a machine that compacts the road with multiple pneumatic tires. Tire rollers use pneumatic tires, which are generally equipped with 3 to 5 front wheels and 4 to 6 rear wheels. The ground pressure can be changed if the inflation pressure is changed. The pressure adjustment range is 0.11 to 1.05 MPa.

Tyre type rollers adopt hydraulic, hydraulic or mechanical transmission system, single or full axis drive, three-point support of wide-base tire articulated frame structure. The compaction process has a rubbing effect, so that the particles of the compaction layer are embedded without breaking and are evenly dense. Good mobility and fast speed

A steel wheel roller is a mechanical device that uses its own gravity and vibration to compact various building and road construction materials. In highway construction, the compactor is most suitable for compacting various non-cohesive soils, crushed stones, crushed stone mixtures, and various asphalt concrete materials, and is therefore widely used.

The advantages of Road Roller

● Mechanical drive, strong power

● Linde hydraulic, quick response to start and stop

● Weichai engine, low fuel consumption

● Large excitation force and high compaction efficiency

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