ZL50GN Wheel Loader

ZL50GN wheel loader is the latest product developed by XCMG based on ZL50G, the most outstanding representative of the third generation of loaders in China. While maintaining high-end, heavy-duty, and energy-saving features, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, cooling systems, structural parts, cabs, and hoods have been fully optimized and upgraded, with more powerful operations, higher reliability, and more energy-efficient Significantly, driving is more comfortable and easier to maintain.

Product Details

ZL50GN wheel loader is more powerful structure: 3.3m long wheelbase, 17.5t super heavy machine weight, super strong and superpower; 17 tons of powerful digging force, leading in the industry; 16.5 tons of powerful traction, calmly cope with various heavy-duty operations.

ZL50GN wheel loader is higher reliability: The bucket uses high-strength steel plates, which improves wear resistance and impact resistance by more than 30%, and has a longer service life. The key joint points are optimized for oil passages, no longer drilling holes on the pins, and the strength of the pins The service life is increased by more than double the industry leading; the use of high-precision steel pipes, argon arc butt welding, and plastic spraying on the surface effectively prolongs the service life; the new material dust respirator is fully adopted to ensure the system is clean and extend the service life of parts; Desert filter, better filtering effect, effectively protect the engine, and calmly face high dust conditions.

ZL50GN (2)wheel loader

More comfortable driving: The single-handle pilot control hydraulic system is adopted for precise control and light operation, and the operating force is only 1/3 of that of ordinary products. The new luxury air-conditioned cab is well sealed, has a large space and a wide field of vision. Defrosting, rapid heating or cooling; new digital combination instrument panel, beautiful and elegant, steering gear adjustable front and back, comfortable operation; working device with automatic flat function at any position, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity; cab, hood pass Damping and noise reduction treatment, noise reduction by more than 6 decibels; full-cover exquisite interior decoration, molded rubber floor, sealed and dust-proof; multi-functional retractor to create an excellent operating environment for you.


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